Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Better health, increased self-esteem, and a completely new way of life are all reasons to rejoice following a big weight loss journey. It is possible that even after a sustained effort to lose weight, excess skin will remain, causing discomfort on a physical and emotional level. If you want to lose 15 pounds or more and accomplish all of your weight loss goals, excess skin removal surgery is an option. Find out how to have skin removal surgery reimbursed by insurance, as well as other choices for paying for the costly procedure, in the sections below.

What Is Excess Skin Removal Surgery?

Excess skin removal surgery comprises several body contouring treatments which include lower and upper body lifts, thigh and buttock lifts, panniculectomy, and more. These operations are performed after major weight loss to target the excess skin folds on the body such as the legs, stomach, and arms. Eliminating excess skin following weight loss can boost your comfort and the way goods fit on your body, as well as make exercising easier.

Facts To Know About Excess Skin Removal

  • Surgeons have been removing skin and fat since the turn of the century, while liposuction and muscle shaping was established in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • More than 97,000 abdominoplasty operations and more than 8,000 lower body lifts were performed in 2020.
  • Nearly 7 million reconstructive surgeries were completed in 2020.
  • Tummy tuck recovery is different for every person. In general, you’ll have to avoid arduous physical exertion for four to six weeks.
  • Qualified doctors will not execute any form of body contouring surgery unless you have sustained a consistent weight for at least three to six months.

What To Expect Before And During Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Before undergoing excess skin removal surgery, you’ll seek advice from your doctor. That advice may include not taking specific medications that boost the risk of bleeding such as NSAIDs, not taking vitamins or supplements, stopping smoking or nicotine, and getting blood testing done.

Excess Skin Removal Surgery
Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Oftentimes, excess skin removal surgery comes in phases. This means that you may require more than one surgery. Particular excess skin removal treatments can happen at the same time, such as a tummy tuck in combination with a lower-body lift. Surgery may be done at a hospital and you might have to stay overnight. Or, your surgery may be done at a surgical facility and you’ll be able to leave the same day. The location of your surgery and the length of stay all depend on the procedures you’re undergoing.

How Much Does Skin Removal Surgery Cost?

So, how much is skin removal surgery? There are quite a few aspects that impact the cost of skin removal surgery, but the most prevalent are geographic location, the experience level of the surgeon, and your individual needs. When it comes to skin removal surgery, commonly known as body shaping surgery, there are a lot of alternative ways you may select from, all with distinct price tags.

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An abdominoplasty is one of the most prevalent forms of body contouring surgery, which will remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area and tighten muscles. A panniculectomy, which will just remove excess skin, is also a pretty typical surgery individual performs following major weight loss.

Excess Skin Removal Surgery Costs

After weight loss, how much does skin removal surgery cost? Prices for typical weight loss-related plastic surgery treatments, as stated in the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report for 2020, are as follows:

  • Panniculectomy: $8,000-$15,000
  • Upper arm lift: $4,861
  • Lower body lift: $7,924
  • Breast lift: $5,012
  • Thigh lift: $5,355

Other costs

  • Anesthesia fee
  • Prescription costs
  • Facility and material costs

Three Methods For Paying For Skin Removal Surgery

Despite the fact that surgery is never affordable, there are a variety of strategies to save money or perhaps have your surgery paid fully. The following are the most popular methods of payment for cosmetic surgery.

1: Make Use Of Insurance Coverage

Understanding how to receive insurance coverage for skin removal surgery is not always straightforward. While not all insurance companies will cover this sort of surgery, if your doctor can prove that the surgery would better your health and quality of life, you may be able to gain coverage for all or part of it.

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Consult Your Doctor

Do you want to know how to have skin removal surgery covered by insurance? Before your insurance company will pay for your surgery, you’ll need to show that it’s medically necessary, so talk to your doctor first. So that your doctor knows that surgery is actually a last choice, start monitoring your attempts to resolve your medical conditions.

There must be proof from your doctor that the excess skin is making you ill, such as causing you to break out in skin irritation, causing you back pain, or making daily activities more difficult for you.

Select The Most Matched Surgical Surgery

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as a stomach tuck, is not covered by most insurance carriers since they consider surgery to be cosmetic. Panniculectomy, on the other hand, is often considered as a reconstructive procedure, and hence is more likely to be approved by insurance providers. Consult your doctor about the best type of surgery for your needs, taking into account what your insurance will likely cover.

Work With Your Insurance Insurer

Check your summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) to find if you’ve met your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum, and if your insurance will cover the entire surgery cost or merely a portion of it. Make sure you have a copy of your surgery’s insurance code accessible so you can double-check your request.

2: Combine Procedures And Make A Cash Payment.

You may save money by paying out of cash even if your surgery is covered by your insurance. Many hospitals and plastic surgery clinics offer small upfront cash discounts of 5 to 10 percent for upfront payment as an additional means of saving money. When many operations are performed at the same time, many clinics provide savings.

3: Consider Using Crowdsourcing

Thousands of people have utilized crowdsourcing to generate money for out-of-pocket medical expenses or to prevent bankruptcy as a result of medical bills. When your insurance coverage drops out or you need money right now, crowdsourcing could be a lifeline.

It’s normal to be apprehensive about the embarrassment or dishonor you could feel if you openly share your weight loss journey and seek for financial support. In contrast, if you’ve worked hard to reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, your loved ones will be pleased to lend you a help as you complete this final step of your weight loss journey.

Case Studies Of Skin Removal Funded Via GoFundMe

People who sought their networks for financial aid to cover the expense of skin removal surgery were met with an outpouring of support:

The Skin Removal Fund for Miss itty-bitty

Brittany began on a life-changing weight-loss quest when she was 23 years old. After dropping approximately 300 pounds, she was left with excess skin folds that caused her agony and suffering and impeded her ability to completely live her life. After her insurance claims were refused, Brittany went to crowdfunding to accumulate nearly $11,500 to get her excess skin removed.

Jesse Received Surgery To Remove Excess Skin

He was 700 pounds and had not ventured out of his house in years when Jesse came across an inspiring bodybuilding website. He chose to make a lifestyle change and shed 400 pounds as a result. He gained pounds of excess skin as a result of his sudden and abrupt weight loss, which made him uncomfortable when exercising and caused severe rashes. Due to his lack of financial resources, Jesse established an internet fundraising effort to help fund his $20,000 surgery. The campaign raised $20,755 for Jesse.

Help Casey Pay For The Skin Removal Surgery He Needs

Casey reduced nearly 595 pounds after participating on the show My 600-Lb Life, but he now wants to remove all of his excess skin. In order to assist Casey with the cost of her skin removal surgery, Ethan created a GoFundMe campaign and has already raised over $18,000.

Your Weight Loss Surgery Can Now Be Financially Supported

You’ve worked hard to lose weight and improve your health, and you deserve to be proud of your new look. If you’re having trouble paying for your skin removal operation, GoFundMe can help. In just a few minutes, you can establish a fundraiser that you can quickly share with your friends and family. Join today to complete your weight-loss journey.

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