Best Cheap Weight Loss Surgery Country 2022

Weight loss surgery can be expensive, so selecting the best cost-effective solution can be a struggle. Other variables, such as waiting lines and the quality of care offered, are equally as significant as cost. It can be tough to bring all of these things together, especially considering the difficulty of locating high-quality, cheap weight loss surgery in the UK. Patients are often driven to seek treatment in private hospitals due to high wait periods and rigorous qualifying rules. However, these facilities can be prohibitively pricey for many patients.

This is why having bariatric surgery performed in a foreign nation is becoming more and more prevalent. However, with so many options for locations, clinics, and doctors — not to mention treatment possibilities — it can be tricky to begin.

It’s our mission to make your search for the best and cheapest weight loss surgery techniques easier. We looked at their treatment alternatives and the quality of care they provide, as well as their price, to determine the best weight loss surgery possibilities for you.

Why Travel To The United Kingdom For Weight Loss Surgery?

Many patients may be hesitant about traveling abroad for weight loss surgery, especially considering the NHS’s ability to deliver high-quality care. Unfortunately, there are a number of roadblocks that prevent patients from receiving necessary care at home.

Treatment accessibility is one of the most essential difficulties. Waiting lists for weight loss surgery continue to grow due to the NHS’s ever-dwindling capacity. Patients are frequently required to wait a minimum of 18 months before getting therapy, according to recent studies. Not only are waiting lists increasing longer, but so are the number of treatments offered on the NHS – 4,500 bariatric surgery was undertaken in 2018, down from 12,000 in 2007.

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People have a little alternative except to seek private care in the United Kingdom due to the enormous waiting lists. This, however, is an unaffordable option, with even the cheapest weight loss surgery in the United Kingdom costing over £4,000. The cost of gastric bypass surgery can range from £8,000 to £15,000.

These are only two of the concerns that many people in the United Kingdom suffer after receiving weight loss surgery. It’s possible to find more affordable and higher-quality options when you travel to other countries.

Where Can I Discover The Most Cost-Effective And Cheap Weight-Loss Surgery?

Traveling to another country for weight loss surgery has grown in popularity in recent years. The number of specialists and facilities offering bariatric treatments is continuously expanding. We’ve selected some of the top weight loss surgery alternatives accessible abroad, depending on aspects including cost, treatment options, and the reputation of the doctor and facility.


Turkey is the top choice for anyone looking for the best and most cheap weight loss surgery, as the country is home to a number of well-known weight loss surgery specialists that operate out of a variety of high-quality facilities. The Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, offers an intriguing substitute. This multidisciplinary center is home to recognized bariatric surgery experts as well as cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Murat Cag, MD, for example, has performed gastric sleeve, bypass, and balloon surgeries for more than two decades. Memorial also has substantial competence in caring for international patients and offers unique treatment packages that include airport pickups, clinic transfers, and housing as part of the overall treatment charge.


Kardiolita Hospital in Lithuania is well-known for its bariatric treatments, with over 1,000 patients annually. The hospital, which first opened its doors in 1998, offers some of the cheapest weight loss surgery prices in the country, with gastric bypass surgery starting at just €5,570, as well as complete treatment packages for international patients. High-quality care is delivered by specialists like Dr. Antanas Mickevicius, MD, who are always exploring new methods and technology to provide the greatest weight loss surgery alternatives.


Poland is hard to match when it comes to having the most economical and efficient weight loss surgery. KCM Clinic, in the Jelenia Góra region of southern Poland, is a popular choice for bariatric surgery patients. When it comes to cutting-edge treatment choices and cutting-edge diagnostics, KCM and Memorial Bahcelievler are both multidisciplinary facilities dedicated to offering the highest possible care. KCM is one of the cheapest weight loss surgery providers, with gastric bypass pricing starting at just €5,990, highlighting the tremendous savings that can be gained by traveling abroad – without losing quality.

Czech Republic

When people are asked where they may obtain the best weight loss surgery, the Czech Republic is a popular response. A world pioneer in bariatric surgery, specifically gastric balloon surgery, ISCARE is based in Prague and delivers high-quality therapy at an affordable cost. ISCARE’s bariatric surgeons belong to internationally renowned medical organizations such as the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), allowing them to keep on the cutting edge of weight loss surgery technology.

When looking for the most economical and successful weight loss surgery overseas, we can see that there are a lot of amazing possibilities. Please contact us if you are still undecided about which solution is best for you. One of our Patient Managers will contact you to set up a 100 percent free, no-obligation consultation.

A Quick Overview of Weight Loss Surgery

The medical specialty of bariatric surgery, sometimes known as weight loss surgery, covers a number of surgeries targeted at treating obesity and its accompanying disorders. These treatments are generally applied only after all other diet and activity options have been investigated. In order to physically reduce food intake, weight loss surgery sometimes requires modifications to the digestive system, such as reducing the size of the stomach. Depending on the surgery, they can be reversible or irrevocable.

There are numerous varieties of bariatric surgery:

  • Gastric band surgery: Reversible surgery involves wrapping an inflatable saline band around the stomach to restrict food intake. A port placed beneath the skin is then utilized to regulate the band.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery: This irreversible therapy comprises removing around 80 percent of the stomach and leaving a banana-shaped pouch behind. This substantially minimizes the amount of food and calories consumed.
  • Gastric bypass surgery: This non-reversible surgery lowers the absorptive capacity of swallowed food by splitting the stomach and re-routing the regular flow of digested food via the small intestine. As far as weight loss surgery procedures go, it’s the “gold standard.”
  • Gastric balloon surgery: To lower the stomach’s capacity, a deflated silicone balloon is implanted. As a result, the patient will feel fuller sooner. The balloon is left in the stomach for six to twelve months, and the therapy is reversible.
  • Gastric plication surgery: A reversible laparoscopic operation that folds the stomach lining to shrink the overall size of the stomach by roughly 75%.

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